Monday, December 31, 2012

hello 2013

a new year is here...

an opportunity to start afresh

time for some inspiration,

for a colourful, adventurous year ahead

live in the moment

enjoy the little things in life

dare to dream, and to live those dreams

Sunday, December 30, 2012

healthy microwave popcorn recipe

there's nothing quite like the delightful aroma of freshly popped popcorn.

and nothing quite like the satisfaction of being able to make a quick and healthy batch in the comfort of your own home.

all you need is three very simple things - a paper bag, a functioning microwave, and some popcorn kernels of course - oh, and a don't forget to add a good measure of enthusiasm...and being easily excited by little things is a bonus condiment too...

four steps to yummy air popped homemade popcorn :

one /  put about a tablespoon and a half full of popcorn kernels (this will make about a cup of popped popcorn) into a paper bag

two /  fold the top of the paper bag into 1cm increment a couple of times

three /  set microwave for 90 seconds and stop it when the 'pops' slow down to less than one per second (this bit takes a bit of experimenting as it depends on the amount of kernels and the wattage of the microwave)

four / dig in! enjoy the popcorn while its still nice and warm :) 

mt gambier trip

just got back yesterday from our family roadtrip to mount gambier. we stopped by a few towns on the way there and back as well. the view at the blue lake at mount gambier was amazing, and the umpherston sinkhole garden was another highlight. we also went possum spotting on our first night there, and got to feed them apples. they looked so cute nibbling on the little apple pieces! we also ate some nice food, plus heaps of snacks in the car, and a fair bit of yes, desperately in need of a workout right now!

thank you beci orpin + tdf

last week a lovely parcel came my way, just in time for christmas. i was one of the lucky readers to win a copy of beci orpin's new book - 'find & keep' from the design files. and was super lucky to also win a beautiful at-swim-two-birds potholder from mr kitly. the potholder came lovingly wrapped in a kraft paper with neon deco, together with a signature beci orpin postcard and notebook.

find & keep is such a gem! it's bursting full of inspiration and awesome projects (which i can't wait to give a try!) there's so much beautiful photography, bright ideas and thoughtful words. beci orpin is one of my favourite designers, and to own a copy of her first book....very exciting! thank you beci orpin & the design files ♥