Monday, March 19, 2012

love ♥ cute drawings

oh my goodness, guess what i found today ?

... some splendidly cute drawings by jackie at chi bird! they're so adorable, and bursting with cheeriness. and perfect for much love monday. i'm loving the quote too : 'only do what your heart tells you'. short and sweet, and ever so true.

and here's a bit more of chibird cuteness... and things i'm loving at the moment ...

love : indulging in nutella 
one of the bestest inventions ever!

love : sleeping in 
some good rest does wonders

what are you loving this monday?

have a sweet week ahead, keep smiling, and follow your heart!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

restaurant time : olivehouse

having driven past olivehouse quite a few times ever since our placement in shepparton, and hearing plenty of compliments about this place from friends, it was clearly our first stop during the long weekend.

olivehouse is a neatly presented restaurant with beautiful gardens, and surrounded by endless rows of well kept trees, olive ones of course. we opted for the outdoor seating and had a lovely lunch accompanied by a light autumn breeze and a refreshing view of the olive grove. the food was delightful, and even better when enjoyed with a bunch of good friends.

Monday, March 12, 2012

love ♥ cupcakes

it's a long weekend, so i've been relaxing so much that i've almost forgotten that it is monday today!

we baked some strawberry vanilla cupcakes for afternoon tea, and spent most of the arvo decorating and taking photos of them. this week for much love monday, i'm loving very muchly -  cupcakes, and tiny teddies too :)

inspired by anna's 'much love' blog, check out anna's much love monday here

what are you loving this monday?

( see ) a different way

it's the twelfth day of the march challenge to do something different everyday. it's been fun thinking up new ideas for ways to make each day a little different, and a little more exciting. seems like food was the only variation i made in the first four days...hehe just shows how much i love it..oops :P so for the past week i've been trying super hard to do a few more non-food things, but yes, they do pop in here and there again...

how the adventure is going :

day five - going out at night after a tiring monday and had a great dinner with friends

day six - doing yoga listening to a remix of songs i haven't heard in a long time

day seven - walking home via a different route and enjoying the different scenery

day eight - downloading a new game app on my phone - draw something (it's addictive!)

day nine - gyming for almost two hours and felt so energised afterwards

day ten - step outside comfort zone from the naturally shy disposition of mine

day eleven - bake cupcakes with friends

day twelve - start the day with a morning jog

p.s. captured this with my camera the other day,
autumn is here!

how has your march been?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

do something different everyday

summer seems to have gone by in a flash, can't believe it's autumn already! laura at see hear say has inspired me with her march challenge to do something different everyday. it's a lovely way to add a bit of creativity and spice to the daily grind, and also interesting to see photos and updates from other bloggers who have taken on the challenge too.

this march i'll be embarking little thirty-one day adventure - experimenting with new ideas, trying out alternatives to things i normally do and embracing spontaneity.

here's how i'm going so far...

day one : making wholemeal flatbread from scratch

day two : cooking without any recipes, just by feel

day three : trip to the chocolate apple factory...yum!

day four : trying handmade papardelle pasta for the first time