Monday, March 12, 2012

( see ) a different way

it's the twelfth day of the march challenge to do something different everyday. it's been fun thinking up new ideas for ways to make each day a little different, and a little more exciting. seems like food was the only variation i made in the first four days...hehe just shows how much i love it..oops :P so for the past week i've been trying super hard to do a few more non-food things, but yes, they do pop in here and there again...

how the adventure is going :

day five - going out at night after a tiring monday and had a great dinner with friends

day six - doing yoga listening to a remix of songs i haven't heard in a long time

day seven - walking home via a different route and enjoying the different scenery

day eight - downloading a new game app on my phone - draw something (it's addictive!)

day nine - gyming for almost two hours and felt so energised afterwards

day ten - step outside comfort zone from the naturally shy disposition of mine

day eleven - bake cupcakes with friends

day twelve - start the day with a morning jog

p.s. captured this with my camera the other day,
autumn is here!

how has your march been?

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