Tuesday, April 3, 2012

art i heart - emily green

the finders keepers market is just around the corner for melbourne. i'm pleased to hear that one of my favourite local creatives - emily green - will be there, along with her excitingly colourful artwork and accessories.

her love for colour has been thoughtfully, and vividly, expressed in every piece of her artwork and jewellery. there's just something about the art she creates lets colour and geometry sing out harmoniously.

emily's signature handmade bead necklaces combine the most beautiful hues together. definitely on my wish list ; though it'd be so very hard to choose one...because they're all so nice!

let the colours speak for themselves...

emily green's designs simply have the most incredible colour palettes, enough said.

Monday, April 2, 2012

love ♥ coffee

when i was a little girl, my first sip of coffee was not a pleasant experience. the bitterness was quite a shock to me, and i had never quite understood how so many people couldn't live a day without their coffee, the peculiar taste had always confounded me a bit ...

that was until sometime last year, when i admittedly did fall in love with coffee. if not a lot, at least enough for me to be able to enjoy it without a single speck of sugar. perhaps i'm somewhat still that little girl that i was, though now i've come to appreciate the uniquely rich aroma and pleasant bitterness of coffee. that being said, coffee and i, we have a pretty healthy relationship. coffee isn't one of those things ingrained in my daily routine, but rather an occasional treat here and there, especially over a chat with friends at a nice cafe.

 skinny latte at giraffe cafe

this monday i'm loving : coffee and coffee art

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do you have a thing for coffee too?