Monday, April 2, 2012

love ♥ coffee

when i was a little girl, my first sip of coffee was not a pleasant experience. the bitterness was quite a shock to me, and i had never quite understood how so many people couldn't live a day without their coffee, the peculiar taste had always confounded me a bit ...

that was until sometime last year, when i admittedly did fall in love with coffee. if not a lot, at least enough for me to be able to enjoy it without a single speck of sugar. perhaps i'm somewhat still that little girl that i was, though now i've come to appreciate the uniquely rich aroma and pleasant bitterness of coffee. that being said, coffee and i, we have a pretty healthy relationship. coffee isn't one of those things ingrained in my daily routine, but rather an occasional treat here and there, especially over a chat with friends at a nice cafe.

 skinny latte at giraffe cafe

this monday i'm loving : coffee and coffee art

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do you have a thing for coffee too?


  1. I do love coffee, but like you it's an occasional drink. I'm mostly a tea drinker.

  2. Oh I love coffee. I'd say it's probably my favourite drink, though I don't like it strong at all. Weak and milky with a touch of sugar is how I love it! Like you and coffee, I feel the same way about tea. I don't really go for it, no matter what kind, but I am beginning to enjoy it more. I wish I loved it though because the thought of having a nice cuppa is very appealing! Wishing you a happy Monday.