Monday, May 7, 2012

love ♥ live below the line

this monday, i'm loving Live Below the Line. i'm in the middle of a ten day challenge of living on $2 of food each day. live below the line is an engaging campaign aimed at raising awareness and funds to help end extreme poverty. 

today is the first day of the official 5 day challenge. last year, the 5 day challenge was an insightful experience for me, and i thought i'd up the ante, and do for 10 days this year, and start the challenge 5 days in advance - to help spread more awareness about the meaningful impact that together we can make.

the funds raised from Live Below the Line will go towards life-changing education projects, such as building schools in the communities of Yangis and Kumbareta in Papua New Guinea. donations will be used to train teachers, build infrastructure and provide scholarships - creating incredible learning opportunities for many young people, and tackling poverty at its root cause. 

here's an awesome little clip on the story of how Live Below the Line is making a meaningful impact in developing countries...

and if you'd like to support me and this worthwhile cause, please visit my Live Below the Line page :   

every donation is greatly appreciated, and will go towards creating the change that we desperately need to see. thank you! :)

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  1. It's so cool that you're doing this Sand. And I love your carrot-coin heart on your soup. So cute :)