Saturday, January 28, 2012

( see ) beyond the story

there's something magical about studio ghibli films.

the animations are beautiful, the music moving, and the storylines whimsical - together they speak together ever so fluently, in a way that inspires imagination. a bit like seeing dreams come to life.

i had the chance to watch 'whisper of the heart 耳をすませば ' today. it's a gentle, poignant film that tells a seemingly simple story of two young people - shizuku tsukishimi and seiji amasawa - who find each other through serendipitous happenings, fall in love unknowingly and attempt to pursue their dreams. whisper of the heart is not one of those cliche stories, but rather, layered with creativity, expressiveness and hope.

like all studio ghibli films, the animation is a masterpiece artwork. i love it all - the nuances of emotions the characters express, the intricate details of the background settings, the delicate colour palette. it's not just a story, but a film made with much thought and heart.

whisper of the heart is a charming 111 minutes, and the enchantment still lingers with you afterwards.

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  1. Oh I love studio ghibli I just saw Arietty it was wonderful