Monday, January 30, 2012

love ♥ summer

this is my first much love monday post, and yes, i'm loving monday very much right now! anna at much love has this spark idea to create a weekly series of blog posts to start off the week on a cheery note. 

on this bright and sunny monday, i'm loving: summer 
summer = ice cream, beach, sunshine ...  and also is a delightful piece, by talented japanese musician joe hisaishi.

here is the link for the audio of the live piano version of 'summer',

and the orchestral version of 'summer',

when i first heard it, it made me smile, and still does.
hope you like it too!

... what are you loving this monday?


  1. Sweet and cheery tunes. Loved them both instantly.
    Thanks for sharing them on this Summers day.
    Happy Monday to you and a fine week ahead x

  2. love this sweet post :). Happy Monday!

    your blog is cute


  3. lovely print ^^ I like summer, that´s why I went to the beach the past weekend

  4. The beach is one of my favorite things about summer. We're in winter now but it's been a mild one. Found you through Much Love Monday!
    Catherine Denton

  5. I love summer too, but at the moment Australia is having a pretty sad summer. It's raining all the time!

    -LAURA xx

  6. beautiful blog, my loveliest friend :) will be tuning in more often! <3